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If I have to give my own definition of sport, I would call it my sentence. There has never been a period in which I have not practiced at least one sport, with peaks in which I practiced two or more sports simultaneously during the week at a competitive level. My biggest limitation was probably never knowing how to choose what could be my real way to do it in a "serious" way. I liked doing anything. Basketball, the first love, skiing, the second. Then Judo, Soccer, Volleyball. Snowboarding, which totally changed my life together with wave surfing. Cycling, which came to the rescue after irreparable knee damage due to a snowboarding accident. I don't remember a holiday, a trip, an adventure of my life without having thought about which sport to practice. In short, a disaster. I am a sportsman, it is understood, currently dedicated to Cross Triathlon and cycling constantly. I write about adventures, I tell stories of sick people a bit like me. I like to challenge myself by inventing new sports formats, practicing them.
By reading the pages of my site, you will understand how dependent I am on it.

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